Sunday, February 22, 2009

i know i didnt post about training this week. can i even remember what we did? open on wednesday... so long ago! so many classes ago!
on thursday berlin was good in class, we got some nice drives into heel and some good transitions playing the "ready ready? " game i use.
open class rah was wired and we had to force him to take breaks he was so crazed.

utility class was the best class he's ever worked. did 4 articles and he worked the pile like a pro - even with a toy next to the pile, with terry out there by the pile, and working 20 feet away to a gate with the other dog in class on the other side of the gate. GOOD BOY - need to butt scoot him and bring the front box out for articles from now on.

go outs - GREAT WITH NO TOY. fast turn and sit. the last time he turned on his name. AMAZING> at the reward he jumped up and fanged me in the finger and i bled everywhere.

everything else was perfect marvelous wonderful good. i was very very pleased. and very very sore.

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