Monday, February 9, 2009

no training updates - instead just thoughts. too tired and sick to train. yesterday we just had fun in the yard and worked on house manners that included whenigivecookiestoonedogtheotherdogsmustnottrytostealthem.

there is nothing more useful than having dogs trained to retrieve things when you are incredibly lazy. when i drop things, throw things ( like the collar i tossed at the wall to stop bunny from humping berlin), or someone is chewing on a toy they shouldn't be (a dead stuffy shell), all i have to do is tell rah or berlin to get it and they will bring it to me. or berlin will, rah needs some encouraging to bring it back to ME versus sometimes just carrying it around going "LOOK WHAT I GOT LOOK WHAT I GOT".

destiny had her boob job today. she had a pretty radical mastectomy - took off 4 of the 5 mammary glands on the left side. she's got a foot and a half long incision with about 60 staples, and she's got a drain. she's dripping blood all over my house, she's got pain patches, IV drugs, and she's refusing to lay down and act like she has the worlds largest incision. she jumped out of my truck before i could catch her and she ran up my stairs before i could stop her.

both berlin AND destiny are now in heat, too. 2 bitches in one house. thrilling. destiny has a full body wrap from the incision right now, but in a day or so ill put a tshirt on her, and she will have to wear panties as well. poor girl.

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Jackass said...


Yes I know who you are. In fact we know who everyone is. Maybe if you paid a real vet your dobes ears wouldnt touch, and you made fun of my dogs. Your dogs look like crap! Your site sucks too, maybe YOU are a BYB! Greeder!!

BTW we are coming after everyone who posted libel (lawyers arew working overtime) in an open forum. Tell those asshole moderators their ban is usless. I am in the site now! We are going to sue the pants off each and everyone of you wannabes! Just so you know and I hope you have the nads to post this I have over 30 breeders, kennels and hobbists that you guys have slammed over the past 2 years and we are going hammer your butts to the ground. Eyes are watching you! The summons are coming!