Sunday, February 22, 2009

picking out the shows

so, ive been trying to decide where im going to enter for the next 2 months. dont even get me started on may, etc :)

3/7-8 Berlin and Rah are entered in an APDT trial

3/12-13 - considering entering rah in the AKC trials out in york, PA - the judge on the 12th is iffy, but they have graduate novice i could enter instead. i haven't decided, but i want to try for another leg.
3/14 - probably going to enter rah in an ASCA trial (still need to send it in)
3/15 berlin and rah are entered in a CDSP trial
3/20 i think im going to enter rah in the AKC trial in edison, NJ
3/22 i was going to enter rah in the AKC trial down in lower camden, but i heard the open ring is going to be super super tiny, and im not going to push it with rah, especially knowing how big and fast he makes it all. so i think im going to cancel going to this trial. i cant remember if i sent an entry in or not yet though??? (oops)

4/5 -- rally APDT in exton PA for both Berlin and Rah
4/18 - lower bucks AKC trial - but its outside???? minimally ill try graduate novice, but maybe ill try open too? if they offer prenovice ill enter berlin.
4/19 CDSP trial in horsham PA for both Berlin and Rah

then the 8th through the 11th, there's the blue and gray cluster out in harrisburg. i guess it will depend on how many CDX legs he has and if i need another leg. if i dont need the leg, i will probably just hold off and focus on the other venues for a little bit? unless his scores are nice...

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TabLVT said...

Decisions, decisions! Planning for shows is so strategic, isn't it?? I've already got all my Rally Advanced and Novice Obedience shows planned through the end of October, LOL!