Saturday, October 11, 2008

APDT wrap up, day 1

well, as of today Rah is:
Bowie's Semper Fidelis v DRU, CD RN RL2 ATT WAC TT CGC
and has:
2/3 CD-H, 1/3 D-CD, 1/3 RL3, 3/5 ARCH, 4/10 RL1X, 3/10 RL2X

so no new titles today, but if all goes well tomorrow, maybe, maybe just maybe???? 2????

trial 1 - level 1 - he got a 208, 3rd place (tied for second lost on time).
trial 1 - level 2 - 209, 3rd place - same thing, tied for second, lost on time.
(second QQ towards his ARCH!)

at this point, since they still had openings at the trial, i decided to enter him for the next three trials in level 3, despite not knowing any of the signs. he'd been working pretty well, paying me nice attention, doing nice things. so what the hell?

trial 2 - level 3 - 194, first place. lost all bonus points because for SOME REASON he decided he couldn't back up in the ring??? which was hilarious. and we had to retry the first station, which was (ironically) the backup three steps. everything else was tiny - the directed jump-like thing was fine, moving stand, call to heel, etc.
trial 2- level 2 - 203 - no placement. got almost no points on the bonus because i screwed up and said "good boy" after he downed and he popped back up. stupid mom :)
trial 1 - level 1 - 209, second place. very very good work.
(third QQ towards his ARCH!)

so we got two more QQ's - two more tomorrow and he finishes his ARCH. and if he qualifies in level 3 tomorrow as well, he could finish his RL3 as well, which would make this a very productive weekend for us.
he's working very well, and im pleased as punch. at some point, i need to sign berlin up with APDT and get her showing here as well. ugh, if only i had unlimited funds for all of this, to show them both all over the place!!! this is SPENDY!!!

on a side note, this hotel room is NICE.... nice nice nice. very comfy beds, featherbed tops. has a fridge and microwave. full cable tv (all stations). im in heaven. could stay here forever.

hate MD drivers though.

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