Saturday, October 25, 2008

training and matches

today was the match at Hk9 - i got there at about 1, and had three entries.

first, i took rah through. barely had time to warm up, gave him about 15 seconds of a warm up and then went into the ring with kathy for novice. he was ON - too on. it was nice to see it in the ring, kathy could help me. by the fast, he was popping up and all over me, kathy had me high kneeing him. the fig8 was nice, but by off leash he was all over me, so we stopped him with an abrupt turn into his face and started over, and she had me convince him that i had my own space, and told me to try that outside the ring tomorrow before we get in the ring so he remembers :)

SFE was great, fig8 was really nice (WOOHOO), and his recall - she said i should stop leaning back and instead lean forward a bit so that he wont punch me - he did it again! his finish was nice though - but he was very up for the performance :)

took a 5 minute break, then brought the baby girl in. warmed her up for 2 minutes, did some LLW and leave its, and then i brought her in, set her up, and we were off.

her on leash heeling was VERY nice- she was tight, with me the entire time, head up, beautiful. figure 8 was nice for the first pass, good sit. second time she got distracted on the outer post so we did it a third time and that was much better. SFE was perfect (whose dog IS this??), then we transitioned to off leash heeling. she pretty good she glanced away on the right turn and i reached down for her collar and gave her a quick pop and she looked right back and me, she was nice and tight on all her turns (And Terry brought me VERY close to the walls - like, RIGHT UP to the walls/gate). then we got to front - and she fell apart. she couldnt/wouldnt come in straight, kept trying to go straight to heel, so we stopped that. we're going back to basics for her there, because she didnt understand last night too - but she definitely not only up until then had a qualifying run, but it was a NICE score!!

Rah had an open run next (i used his utility run for berlin's novice run), and his heeling was great, his fig8 was LOVELY. his ROF was great out, nice pickup, but we're having issues that once he gets the DB< he cant seem to THINK - all he can focus on is the db. he comes back to front, but he cant seem to think about being straight. same for his ROH. his broad jump wasnt bad - and i didnt drop him. not with a show tomorrow!

im exhausted and still need to wrap up all the stuff for tomorrows raffle and prepare for the show!! wish us luck...

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