Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i know its been so long!

we didnt have classes at Hk9 last week, because everyone was at the wine circuit.
so instead, i chose to take rah and berlin to drop in lessons at one of the facilities i used to take classes at, but no longer do.

im happy to say i feel they have both made progress beyond that of their classmates, but i am not sad i dont train there anymore. the trainers are great and nice, but its just too many people in those classes and i am not getting from them what i need. i need more individual attention, more hands on, more input from the trainers.

i kept berlin back in novice 1 (though she likely could have gone all the way up to the more advanced half of novice 2). first we worked on set ups, which she nailed (her fave), then we worked on sit for exam (while she already has a SFE). then we used flexis and worked straight fronts - and she NAILED these, i was very pleased with them.

we then worked footwork for turns (right, left and about) with nice attention and she did them all spectacularly. played some recall games and then we ended with a 3 minute sit and a 5 minute down.

went to rah's class, and rah has come a long way too - while he was ON ON ON, he also had a lot more control and it showed (barely). his fig 8's suffered, but he was a lot... more ... well, controlled.

im sick and very tired. and rattley in my chest.

we have class back at Hk9 tonight, and rah shows for his last CD leg on saturday, wish us luck. ive sent entries in for his many shows....

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