Tuesday, October 28, 2008

training session from hell

i should have just ignored the desire to train my dogs tonight. i dont know why i would think starting at 11 pm was a good idea... yeah, it never is.

first, i worked fronts with rah. or tried to. i thought maybe his go out guides would be a good one to try - since we have a lot of work to do from our classes on thursday and the run throughs on sat (did i even post about any of those?).

yeah - ha. he eventually came in, but he wont go near them on slippery floors because he doesnt want to hit them, so he was avoiding them majorly - then i tried to put the broom down behind him to give him something to sit in front and allllll shit hit the fan - i forgot he has some random fear of the broom falling on him (probably because it has multiple times) so he ran, the broom DID fall on him, and everything just ended up a mess.

so i tried to work berlin - but she's evil and decided that like the run through, front means lay down on the ground, bark at mom, and try to chew on her guides.

so, glutton for punishment, i get out the db.

(see? i told you i was STUPID)

we had some flashes of brilliance, and some resistance, as always. first time it came out - she came right over, took it, held it, and outed it. WOOHOO. then she was like, i did it, don't want to play. were i a smart handler, i would have ended there. but i didnt... i did end up using rah as jealousy and treated him heavily for take its and holds. she ended up giving me a few other willing takes, and i did put it in her mouth a few other times.

slow going.

ill update about the show this weekend later when i get home from work. i have to go enter berlin in rally right now so we dont get closed out :)

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manymuddypaws said...

isn't it funny how dogs tell us when we're wrong and should be in bed- not training :o)

it always sucks to end on a bad note though!

but the nice thing about dogs is that they are forgiving and I bet Rah will forgive you for the broom incident :o)