Wednesday, October 29, 2008

berlins class tonight -

TONS of heeling. TONS. heeled my LEGS off. berlin was awesome though - great attention, lovely position. lydia said i have to stop making her do come up sits though, because i am actually making her WRONG - that when she sets up, she's right the first time :) oops, im too fat to see :)

my friend molly that i met at dog camp and at berlins handling class was there, she's starting class there soon so that will be fun :) she has shibas... and she has a blog or two that she NEVER updates!!!! (so she will never see this...)

my shoulder is killing me (side note)

then we worked recalls and fronts - the get it get it game, and then formal fronts on flexis - berlin was MUCH better and had the front click back in. dont know what her issue was for the last week, but it seems to be gone for now...

did a SFE, she was fine and DIDNT pop out, so woohoo for that.

stays were bad this week, but i was distracted too.

im exhausted. next post will be videos.

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