Sunday, October 12, 2008

a woohoo sorta month

well, i officially introduce you to:
ARCH Bowie's Semper Fidelis v DRU CD RN RL3 ATT WAC TT CGC

Rah had a banner weekend - 11 runs, 11 Q's, 10 placements!

he was definitely tired by the end of today, but he did well, i was proud of him. ill have to use this as a workout for him to see how he does later on when he's showing in UDX classes - easily a year or two away but something like this gets his stamina up already.

This morning started off well. Level 2 was a heartbreaker - I blew a perfect score by going too close to the jump for the judge's taste. Level 1 was unremarkable in my mind. Level 3 was good, but once again I screwed him up twice and cost him some points.

level 1b - 209?????? - 4th
level 2b - 207 - 2nd
level 3a - 204 - 3rd

this afternoon he was definitely a lot more distracted.

level 1b - 209 (stupid pop up that he corrected immediately on his own without me on a down blew a perfect score again) - 3rd place
level 2b - 206?????? - 4th
level 3a - 194 - 3rd

im exhausted.

interestingly, when rah gets more tired, his heeling becomes less "frantic" to some degree - he stops bumping me as much and he becomes a lot more controllable. funny how that works. it takes 11 classes to get that...

a month ago when we entered the OTCH trial, rah had his RL1 and and one leg of his RL2. in two weekends (8 trials), he's shown in 19 classes and obtained his RL2, RL3 and ARCH . I'm exceptionally proud of him - he was incredibly consistent this weekend, worked hard even when i decided last minute to enter him in level 3 without any preparation on my part!

rah rah, you are amazing. i love you!


Dawn said...

Wow, thats a wonderful job. You guys rock!

M.T. said...

Rah AND YOU are both amazing! 11 classes ... goodness! The results speak for themselves!! :)

omnipoodle said...

Congratulations, that is quite a weekend!

manymuddypaws said...


elegy said...

Very impressive! Congratulations to you and to Rah!