Friday, October 10, 2008

maybe an update later

i have to get to packing - i need to leave sometime in the next few hours for MD, where rah is entered all weekend in the APDT trials in a vain attempt to finish his ARCH this weekend.

rah's classes last night, for a summary to remind me:

heeling - work on slows.
db games - no tight turn, mouthing when stressed. good drive.
bj - good! nice straight fronts.
roh - at 28!!! not 30!!!! phew! did a few hard ones... all nice. work on straight fronts.
fig8 - pain in the ass. constant uturns.

utilitime -
articles - 2 perfect lydia cant touch them.
go outs - brain fart. DJ - nice.
glove pivots - lovely.
signals - nice. cute.
moving stand - nice.

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M.T. said...

Good luck with Rah and weekend!!! We'll be expecting detailed updates :p