Wednesday, October 1, 2008


no class tonight. i couldnt possibly get off the couch. i am just so unbelievably tired and ugh-feeling. the dogs did me the favor of sleeping most of the afternoon until about 9 pm at which point they became REALLY ANNOYING (tm).

since the blog needs a little refocus, lets use this time where i am too drugged up and too tired to even move, as a time to self-reflect and set some goals, etc. :)

things rah needs to work on -
1) straight sits and fronts are always an issue. now that we are cleaning them up, we need to start preparing for open and getting straight fronts with the db. i admit to not working these much, need to get on that.

2) our fig8 needs constant work. most of it is my bodywork and footwork.

3) not letting him overpower me - he brings so much drive and power to the ring, i need to make sure i dont just let him get more crazed by feeding into it and losing control. i need to remain calm and in control in the ring.

4) utility - back up a step with articles and get him more comfortable with them again. start teaching a turn and sit without the cookie for go outs.

5) continue to proof his stays. knock on wood, they have been perfect since his BH (woohoo), but im not doing ANY out of sight until november. ill talk to terry about when to start introducing this.

6) work on a SFE with men!!!!!!!!

plans for rah -
rah is currently entered
oct 4th - nov a in cherry hill, NJ
oct 11th/12th - 4 rally trials in frederick MD (ill be down there starting fri night)
oct 26th - spring valley, NY - nov a
nov 1/2 - back mountain in bloomsburg PA - nov a
nov 13/14/15/16 - leatherstocking cluster in syracuse NY - nov a
dec 6/7 - 2 rally trials in NJ at pam dennison's

entries i still need to send in:
nov 20/21 - reading PA - nov a
dec 14 - lehigh valley KC show - nov a
im wondering if i can get down to MD on nov 9th (is that too much? showing EVERY weekend???) for the regional obedience qualifier...

goals for rah -
finish his CD, and then continue showing him to attain some good ring experience, and hopefully along the way some good enough scores to get him into the TT for this quarter.
potentially have him ready to bring him out in open for the jan/feb clusters? im not sure i will be financially recovered from these shows by then :) but id like to have him ready for utility by nationals in october of next year...

things berlin needs to work on -
1) keeping her straight sits and fronts (woohoo)
2) maintaining heel position while i move the cookie to my mouth without her bumping forward
3) SFE
4) teach her a formal retrieve!

plans for berlin -
considering entering her in rally? but i think i want to bring her out in APDT before i bring her out in AKC, i dont know ! i cant decide im really considering bringing her out in the leatherstocking cluster...

goals for berlin -
have her ready for her novice debut at nationals next year!

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