Friday, October 17, 2008

training two dogs at once

the video edition -

berlin was way too up in this pic - i had a piece of food hidden in my hand and i never gave it to her for setting up because she never gave me a good one - i wouldnt put it in my mouth because its a gross dog treat, not cheese - so in my hand it remained. so she was a freak for it, all forgey.

i love that rah comes back and tries to heel with us - and gives me a straight sit at the end with her.

much better heeling from her, much more controlled.

at least in this video i tihnk i see why she got lost - i think besides my poor cues, that rah got in her way so she had to stop. or she stopped to look at him.

funniest part of course being right at the end, when i ask her to do a come-up, and she bolts and instead rah comes in for the finish. im smooth and get him to come into heel :) before he does the come up. at least i think he did...

straight rah heeling:


TabLVT said...

Great videos! I love watching you work because it inspires me to do more with Red. Thanks for posting these!!

doberkim said...

Thanks tabitha!! You've done a lot with Red!!