Thursday, October 23, 2008

school with the baby dobe

last night berlin was back in class - and what a class she had :)

we started with heeling, and she was marvelous - best heeling ive had from her. her position was great, attention was lovely, great set ups. i had no visible food for her at all, treated her very rarely. we worked mostly turns - abouts, lefts, and rights - and signaling those, and she did great. she ignored most of the dogs, worked in the group (a lot of distraction for her, which is hard), and i was so pleased. she was straight, tight, and with me for most of the time - which is good for the baby of the class. i was really pleased.

we then moved to the SFE - and she was good. she does a great kick back, but she still pops out to the side - i need to practice her up against a barrier so she cant do it - but she did her SFE without any tension or a leash, perfectly, i came back, and broke her out and heeled her over to a distant spot (just like i would in the ring) and she was lovely. only dog in the class to do it. i love her!

then we did fronts, and she sucked for that. she kept trying to go all the way to heel without fronting - oh well. time to bring out guides for that - no clue what she was looking at, but she was not working those well!!!

stays were perfect, she's an angel for those.

all in all, im pleased with her - she showed a lot of maturity at class, and did wonderfully!!!!!


M.T. said...

Isn't Berlin 6 months old? 7 months? That's pretty impressive for that age!! Way to go Berlin!! That's why my next competition Dobe is going to be female (tongue in cheek) :p

doberkim said...

berlin actually just turned a year old, but she's my super star :) cause she's the bitch!!